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Hanging Out & More Carmine

August 16, 2011

So… last night I got home from the gym and was still frustrated from a new routine the Spitfire had me try. Half of the exercises were using this thing called the TRX. Which is essentially just a dual cord hanging from a bar. With this thing, I was doing pushups with only my feet on the floor and my hands being held up by the cords. It’s very confusing and requires much more balance than I frankly have in myself. Me and balance are not friends. Balance to me is one of those people who kneel behind me when I’m not paying attention so coordination can walk up to me and give me a push so that I fall backwards over balance. Those pesky bastards!

Oh well. I managed to not fall flat on my face or back onto my ass at any point. I lost balance once while doing the pushup but I managed to catch myself from falling by stepping forward and planting my feet.

At home, I was hungry. I really wanted something I could just bite into and devour. I opened my fridge and random cupboards in my kitchen. I found some hamburger buns. Sweet! A hamburger is perfect for being something I could just bite into and devour. So I opened my freezer to grab a hamburger patty.

Shit! I ate the last patty on Sunday.

With no hamburger patties or any other sort of meat product that I could stick in a hamburger bun, I decided to simply feast on the bun itself. I spread some butter or margarine type product in the bun and ate that.

I guess I wasn’t so much hungry as I was desiring to bite and chew on something. Also, I was pretty lazy. Too lazy to cook something or go out to find food. I was too lazy to hunt or gather. I went only as far as to spread something on bread.

That was my Monday night. Oh yes. Tres exciting.

Oh, one more thing happened. Carmine, having realized his iPod Touch was broken, bought another mp3 player. Here’s a rundown of his mp3 players and their ilk over the few years these devices have been on the market.

  • 1 2nd generation iPod
  • 1 iPod Mini
  • 2 iPhones with the round backing and single camera
  • 2 Sony Walkman mp3 players
  • 2 Color iPods
  • 1 newer iPhone with the flat backing and dual cameras
  • 1 Sony Experia cellphone

You’d think with all of this technology, he’d know how to use one of them. But he doesn’t. Which is why it upsets me. I have to load the songs onto the player. Which always leads to the inevitable “Put the songs I like” demand. Okay, which songs do you like? “You know. I don’t know.”

You know, there was this one time he asked for a certain song to be put on his iPod. Juice had to handle it as I was fortunately unavailable at the time.

“Get me that song that I like. You know the one. The one about the war.”

You gotta narrow it down a bit for me.

Fast forward quite a bit.

Is this song Piano Man by Billy Joel?

“Yeah yeah, Piano Man, Billy Joe! That’s it.”

How is that about the war?

“Because there was a war going on when I first heard that song.”

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  1. August 16, 2011 8:53 am

    “Hanging out” — that’s good. I’ve seen this TRX thing all over the ‘net on exercise sites. By now, you must be in pretty awesome shape. Your consistency with the exercise is paying dividends, I’m sure. You’ll be a chick magnet in no time, if you’re not already.

    Chick magnet? Oh, you must mean pussy magnet. Nope. Not there yet.

  2. August 16, 2011 11:42 am

    Hahaha, Piano Man a war song? Hilarious!

    A war song because he heard it a lot when there was a war going on. Do you have any idea how many war songs were offered to him before it was determined that Piano Man was the song he coveted?

  3. Riot Kitty permalink
    August 17, 2011 1:32 am

    I would totally break my ass with a machine like that. Amazing how you came up w/Piano Man!

    That was Juice that figured it out. I managed to avoid the situation that time.

  4. August 18, 2011 11:47 pm

    Balance is a wonderful thing to have, and sucky when you don’t. I had an ear infection once and my balance was lost for a week.

    Carmine cranks me up, and kudos to Juice for figuring that one out! I’m sure I never would have!

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