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Carmine’s Travels

April 20, 2012

I returned back at work from the airport.

Oh, you didn’t know? Carmine went on vacation. I had to bring him to the airport. His plane left at 4:25pm. I left him there at 2:00pm after he checked his bags and was ready to head to the gate.

One co-worker took a look at me and saw my face. My face must have told the end of a story because he asked “What happened?”

“What happened! What do you think happened. Carmine happened.”

At 3:35pm, Carmine called me and demanded I come back to the airport to bring him a credit card. Any credit card.

When he arrives at his destination, he will need to rent a car. He won’t be able to rent a car without a credit card. Regardless of whether or not he’s already paid for the rental car, he needs to leave a credit card as a security deposit.

Based on the time until take-off, there wasn’t much time to argue. I just hopped back in the car and starting driving to the airport. At which point, he called again. He asked for the number of the credit card. Over the phone, I provided him with a credit card’s number, security number, expiration date and the toll free phone number on the back of the card.


Carmine left me a voicemail at 4:00am today. He arrived. He got his rental car. Everything is okay.

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  1. April 20, 2012 8:50 am

    Ah, Carmine. Your life might actually get normal without him. Be grateful…I guess.

    How much does normal cost? I’ll foot the bill. I want normal.

  2. April 22, 2012 3:25 am

    He must’ve forgotten the old “Don’t leave home without it!” mantra. Poor you!

    I’m glad he’s okay though! And that everything went well. :)

    He forgets everything. But he’s been in rain since he landed so he can’t enjoy the outside like he wanted to. hehehe

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