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Insomnia Blogging

October 10, 2012

Couldn’t sleep. Watched TV instead. This is what I learned.

The Drew Carey Show isn’t funny. Nor does it make any sense.

Jon Stewart should run for office. Not because I think he’d make a good politician. More so because he needs to be put in his place by somebody just like him.

Morrissey is a hypocrite, I think. Also, he’s a musician so his views on politics and social values mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sing your song then shut the fuck up.

There certainly are plenty of hockey highlights on Sportscentre during a hockey lockout. Is there a lockout?

I miss those Time Life music collection informercials. Shouldn’t Bunny Wailer be extolling the virtues of ragga to some clueless fake blonde by now? If it’s okay for Roger Daultrey, Peabo Bryson, Kenny Rogers and Air Supply, then it’s okay for Bunny, or Peter Tosh.

You know I need sleep when I make demands for a Sounds of 70s Reggae CD collection.

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  1. October 10, 2012 10:43 am

    I liked the first sentence you wrote about Jon Stewart, but the following sentences made me want to hurl something at my computer screen. Of course, he could easily take on any person because he’s brilliant. He’s the most reasonable person in America. I heard one thing he said during his debate with Bill O’Reilly and it was brilliant – “Why is it when multi-million dollar corporations take advanatage of tax breaks you call that smart business, but when people take advantage of food stamps to fight off hunger, you call that mooching?”

    Thank gawd for Jon Stewart. LOVE HIM.


    He’s too onesided. Good for politician. Bad for fake journalism in a nation where real and fake are not distinguished.
    The point I was trying to make in my half asleep state was that if he had to stand the scrutiny of every thing he’s ever said being used to contradict anything else he’s ever said he would look the same as those he chooses to mock.
    And he’s not as funny as he used to be. He used to be funny.

  2. October 10, 2012 11:23 am

    I hate it when singers get all political – Bono is a great example of singers who really need to shut up!


    Bono is first on the list. And third.

  3. October 10, 2012 12:59 pm

    I liked informercials too. Another product I never knew existed but desperately needed was extolled every half-hour. Awesome.


    Don’t know if it exists. But it needs to.

  4. October 10, 2012 3:26 pm

    Morrissey used to be good, when he just sang and didn’t talk. Luckily he’ll never come here, as he refuses to perform in a city where one of the Smiths still lives. Happy btw!


    He refuses to do a lot of things: enter a building in which meat is being served, shut off the political rhetoric, smile.

  5. October 11, 2012 11:46 pm

    I used to watch the Drew Carey show when it first came out. I think it might have been kind of funny in its first year. I don’t remember after that though.

    I miss infomercials! The Time-Life ones were always awesome, great trips down memory lane.

    I hope you got some sleep finally.

  6. October 12, 2012 4:53 pm

    I like Drew Carey on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”, but he has the easiest job. The four improvisers have to do all the hard work.


    Drew was awful on whose line. I’m miss Clive Anderson.

  7. October 13, 2012 10:42 pm

    I’m going to see Morrissey next week! Woot!


    Bring tissues.

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