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Insomnia Blogging: TV Viewing Habits

November 7, 2012

I didn’t watch the election coverage. I said it before I’ll say it again. Getting screwed either way.
Speaking of getting screwed, porn in Los Angeles will now require condoms to be used on set. Question: in a ladies only scene, if one lady has a plastic wing wang up her woohoo, does she have to put a condom on said plastic wing wang if she’s going to put that plastic wing wang in another woman’s woohoo?
I find the American voting system to be funny. Vote one day a year and vote on a list of fifty things. You got your President, your congress, your senate, your law here, your amendment there. Too many things going on all at once and too many idiots allowed to vote. I wonder how many ballots are left half empty or how many chads are popped out in a pattern with no thought put into it.
Not that it’s any better in Canada. It’s just different.

I watched an episode of Man v Food. The guest eater was one of the Nasty Boys. A pro wrestler from the 80s and 90s. The challenge was ten chicken wings sauced with pepper extract. Really hot stuff. He did it. He was really sweating. More so than when he wrestled. But he did it.

Recently I’ve been watching reruns of Rules of Engagement. That was the show with David Spade and Patrick Warburton. It’s not great but it’s okay. There’s not much else on in the wee hours.

The History channel is less history more bullshit these days. Ancient Aliens. Gimme a break. Pawn Stars, although its fun television, it ain’t history. Where can a guy go to get some history these days? And don’t say books. Books are like movies without any audio or video.

Just another reminder. Today is that sale at Popeyes. Cheap chicken, come one come all.

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  1. November 7, 2012 11:58 am

    A sale at Popeye’s is change I can believe in.

  2. November 8, 2012 7:35 am

    I thought I should report in. The 1st location I went to was close to my work. The parking lot was crazy busy as usual. Since I couldn’t get a spot, I decided to keep driving to the next location. I went to the one near Bobette’s work…. except when I got into the plaza, it wasn’t there. There was something called “Krispy’s Fried Chicken”. They had a one day deal of 8 pieces for $8.99. I probably shouldn’t have but I said, “Why not?” and bought my chicken there. Good quality pieces of chicken, not sure if they were completely Popeye’s recipe but good chicken.


    I had Popeyes. It was perfect. The place was rammed though. Full of rude people.

    • November 8, 2012 9:31 am

      My place was not rammed. Had a couple of people in there buying 8 piece meals.

  3. November 10, 2012 4:44 pm

    Yup, the History Channel should go the way of all the other specialty channels and just drop the name entirely. Become the H channel. Just like TLC no longer involves Learning.


    Oh no. TLC still teaches me a lot. It teaches me how messed up the lives are of people who use their reproductive capabilities and therefor their innocent children as stepping stones to notoriety. Makes me long for the days of Bonnie and Clyde. They just robbed banks and killed people. They didn’t involve innocent children.

  4. November 11, 2012 3:40 am

    What about instead of cable TV, you turn that off and switch to something like Netflix or Hulu or Vudu? That way you can watch what you want, when you want, without commercials?

    Of course, that would mean no more late night Time-Life Music of the decade half-hour commercials, but it’s almost worth giving that up to watch what you want.


    In Soviet Canuckistan, those options are either seriously watered down or nonexistent.

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