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Winter is Finally Here

January 28, 2013

Due to the weather I can’t wear any fun shoes for a while. Snow is not a puma’s best friend. The huge amounts of salt and de-ice sprayed everywhere are more damaging to my shoes than the snow.
It was snowing as I drove into work. Now it’s freezing rain.
I’m always baffled as to how winter weather catches Torontonians off guard each and every winter. If only there was a service provided to the people that warned of the inclement weather. Other than television, radio, newspapers, the internet and looking out the window; how are people supposed to know what the weather is like?
Listening to the radio this morning I’m hearing about awful traffic, collisions and spin outs, people turning around and going back home. Funny funny stuff. If it wasn’t so sad…

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  1. Bob permalink
    January 28, 2013 9:41 am

    I turned around and went back home. The highway was going to take me forever. I have my work laptop with me, I can get more work done here. If I continued to work, I would still be in traffic right now instead of working on this report.

  2. January 28, 2013 7:11 pm

    I think it’s confusing because our weather goes up and down so much! It’s supposed to be 10 degrees on Wed! Crazy!

    Sunday was lovely though.

  3. Riot Kitty permalink
    January 28, 2013 8:58 pm

    That sucks.

  4. February 5, 2013 5:41 pm

    Makes you wonder why weathermen make the big bucks, doesn’t it?

    Maybe you could start designing snow shoes that look like Puma’s and make a ton of money!

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