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Weekend Recap Three Day Style

October 15, 2013

For those who don’t know, this past weekend was a long weekend… In Canada. It was Canadian Thanksgiving, thus making today, the Tuesday following, Yourwelcomesgiving. (Thanks Juice.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The weekend started on Friday night.


Me and some friends saw the movie Machete Kills. The movie delivered what the title promised: Danny Treyo, wielding a machete, kills people. It was not as awesome as the first in the series though. The killing seemed less super-duper awesome deathing. You know what I mean. And there wasn’t any real nudity this time around. But the film isn’t called Machete Looks At Titties, it’s called Machete Kills.


I ventured downtown in the morning against all good judgement. Toronto’s subway system was shut down for the weekend. That’s never good for getting around the city. It’s usually a pain in the ass with the less-than-adequate subway system up and roaring. Without the subway, Toronto’s the western hemisphere’s biggest parking lot.

So why was I driving downtown? To see that David Bowie exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The stuff was cool but a bit unimpressive. Pretty much all of things I saw there, I’ve seen in photos in liner notes and books and such. The video footage was the only new-to-me content. On top of that, holy shit was that place crowded. The AGO used the top two floors to show this stuff. Those floors have no flow what-so-ever. Mix that with the number of people and the place was a mess.

There’s this one little room where one version of Space Oddity is playing with the accompanying music video. People just stood there and watched this little TV set playing a 41 year old music video. There were other things in the room worth looking at, Bowie’s stylophone for example, but the masses just huddled around and stood still while this song and video played. The song is one of Bowie’s most popular, it’s everywhere. So let’s all huddle in front of a small TV and watch it again.

I hate crowds. Crowds are full of stupid people. Stupid people ruin everything. I think the crowd ruined this exhibit for me.

After the exhibit, I walked to a nearby doughnut shop. A gourmet doughnut shop. Fresh doughnuts are awesome. Fresh doughnuts are the David Bowie of food. Especially with a maple bacon glaze on top.

I love doughnuts. I love doughnuts. I love doughnuts.


Sunday had all kinds of suckage that’s best not to discuss.


Ate some turkey, ate some mashed potatoes, ate some more turkey, ate some roasted potatoes, some more mashed potatoes, gravy, cake. I ate quite a bit this weekend as a whole.

Post Script

As I wrote this post, a cockroach or something started buzzing around my head. I fucked it up with a shipping supply catalog. I’m just gonna leave it there, under the catalog. Dead bugs don’t bother me as much as live ones.

Idiot of the Day
Yo, dude in the track suit at the movie theatre. You look like a Russian leprechaun. Green Adidas track pants and matching jacket. Only a Russian would go out on a Friday night in sweats and in bright green the guy looks a leprechaun.

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  1. October 15, 2013 5:05 pm

    I’ve noticed that Russians in general tend to dress more flamboyantly than the rest of us. In my neighbourhood I find that I can easily pick out the Russian men – they’re the ones wearing very pointy shoes that curve up at the toe like the end of a banana.

  2. October 23, 2013 12:23 am

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’m glad! I hope you always have nice holidays.

    For the record, I hate crowds too. I stopped going to malls at Christmas-time, specifically for the very reason you mentioned.

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