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Weekend Recap: Retail Walking

January 18, 2016


After work, I hit Hillcrest Mall to get my walk on. Mall walk that is. I have not walked much in the past couple of weeks. It is getting to that time of year when walking outside is not that much fun.

In the mall, I noticed nothing. That mall is dead. It’s going out of it’s way to not look dead but it’s dead. Lipstick on a dead pig is still just lipstick on a dead pig.

I purchased a greeting card for an upcoming birthday gift. Meh.


My mother asked me to spend some time with her in the morning. I took her to Yorkdale Mall. Not so much for the mall walking, although I did get my mall walk on, more so for some shopping. A present to go with the greeting card.

In the evening, I had dinner at East Side Mario’s, an Italian-American-themed restaurant. Imagine Olive Garden that looks like that New York-themed casino in Vegas. Real cheesy, and not just the food. A combination of some discount program, a gift card and unlimited salad enabled me to fill up for just a few dollars. My entree was grilled chicken and rice. Keeping it low cal.


I super-nerded a gift wrapping job. I wrote the name of the person on the card envelope in a made-up language from Dungeons & Dragons. Why? I dunno. I was just feeling really nerdy. The person getting the gift will probably get it.

As I was doing my laundry, I noticed my cat was freakin’ wired. Guy was running around the house like a crazy person.

Oh shit. I just said ‘person’ for  a cat. It’s a cat!

I wonder if somebody dosed Abraham the Jewish Cat with some catnip when I wasn’t looking.

Oh yes. That’s the cat’s name, Abraham the Jewish Cat.

Abraham because the documents I received upon adopting the cat from the shelter had him named Abraham. And the Jewish Cat because Abraham is a pretty imporant figure in Judaism and he’s been clipped in the junk. Not clipped like a Jewish baby boy, but you know, close enough.

So yeah, Abe was running around from room to room at break-neck speed. Not his usual demeanor. Abe usually follows me down the stairs then back up the stairs. On Sunday, he shot up the stairs to meet at the landing then pulled a u-turn and went right back down. He never stopped to wait for me. Then when downstairs, he ran into one room, turned around and ran into another room. Usually he just stops on various carpets in whatever room I’m in and rolls around. He didn’t do this last winter. And in the summer, I forgot I had a cat. Never saw him. He was outside all the time.

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  1. January 18, 2016 1:20 pm

    FYI, cats are prone to this sort of behavior. There are plenty of memes online about it. It’s inexplicable, like most cat behavior, but this one’s particularly weird.

    Abraham, huh? Heh. I like it.

    As for the nerdy, I think that’s awesome. Nicely done.

  2. Christielli permalink
    January 19, 2016 6:55 pm

    I haven’t been to an East Side Mario’s in forever. When I was a teenager, it was the restaurant that I requested my parents to bring me on my birthday.

    My cat sometimes runs around like a bat out of hell. But she also has cat herpes, so there you go.

  3. January 20, 2016 12:07 am

    There will probably be more than a few mall deaths in the coming years, since more people like to shop online, it seems. This past Black Friday here in the US was the first time there were more online shoppers than mall shoppers.

    Every cat I’ve ever had has done that. It’s a cat thing. If I remember, didn’t you have some kittens in a shed a few years back? Was Abe the daddy-cat?

  4. January 24, 2016 3:50 pm

    Hey, I didn’t know your cat was Jewish! I bet he’s a bad, bacon-eating Jew like me.

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