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New Doom

May 17, 2016

This new Doom game is pretty intense. It’s nothing like Doom 3. That game was just plain scary. Doom 3 was a scary story where the player gets to walk around Mars and Hell and killl some demons one or two at a time.

This new Doom, Doom 4 or whatever it’s called, it’s just demon killing on Mars. Story, bah. Haven’t  noticed any so far. Game starts, three demons coming right at you. I like a good story, if the story is good. If there’s no story, there better be plenty of violence.

Oh, there’s violence.

I grabbed one demon by both jaws and ripped it’s face apart. Another demon, I curb-stomped it until it’s head looked like squished bugs. Best part so far, I tore off a demon’s arm then beat it with the arm. Then I beat it’s demonic buddies with the arm.

And yes, it’s Doom. I chainsawed a dozen demons or so last night.

But so far, Doom 3 is still better. This new Doom is just bloodier and more violent. This game is the Itchy & Scratchy of Dooms.

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  1. May 27, 2016 11:33 pm

    The Itchy & Scratchy of Dooms – wow, do you have any idea how much imagery you conveyed with that one little snippet?! What a great line!

    I also liked the part about ripping off the arm and then beating him with his own arm. Did the line, “Why you hittin’ yourself, huh huh huh why you hittin’ yourself” go through your mind? lol

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