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Summertime Roads

June 3, 2016

I was stopped at a red light when I heard a tiny crash sound. I looked around and saw something in the corner of my eye. I focused and saw a bicyclist, on the corner of the sidewalk, on the ground. He wasn’t one of those regular bicyclists, he was one of those Lance Armstong wannabes in the skin tight bicyclist jersey with the ten thousand dollar bicycle. He was all alone. He just up and fell down. I don’t want to laugh at a stranger’s misfortune. It’s just that bicyclists in this town are in debt to the cosmos. Karma, if karma is a real thing, is going to cash in on bicyclists big time.

I pulled out of my driveway and found myself behind a slow moving school bus. The bus stopped two houses down from mine. The driver got out of the bus, crossed the street and started looted through my neighbour’s garbage. I’ve had it drilled into my psyche to never never never never never never never never never pass a school bus. Never never never because a child who doesn’t know how to cross the street might be crossing the street. So I’m stopped waiting to see if a child hops out of the bus and goes into my neighbour’s house. No child ever got out of the bus. Just the driver to rummage through some discarded furniture. And it was a fugly end-table too.

On a lonely country road, some geese were walking. Usually they just cross the street almost perpendicular to the direction of the road. Not this time. They walked down the middle of the street like they were following the yellow line. I can’t complain about that. Sure, they’re disgusting over-populated poop machines. They’re just so damn cute. Especially the fuzzy geese young. I guess they’re called geeselings. Not quite yellow, not quite grey, just fuzzy and brown. A part of me wanted to get out of my car and run after them going “Ooja booja booja!” Okay, what would you say to a cute gooseling?

There is construction on almost every significant route in the greater Toronto area right now. If there is no construction, then I damn well guarantee there’s an automobile collision on that route. In the past week, I’ve seen three downed traffic light poles. Apparently fatal traffic collisions in the GTA are up this year from last. Non-fatal up too. And not just a little bit. The news story I saw a couple days ago on TV was claiming that 2016 has already passed the total for 2015. It’s the first week of June.

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  1. June 29, 2016 12:19 am

    That is really kind of weird about the traffic accidents being up so much over last year. I wonder why?

    The dumpster diving school bus driver – wow, that’s just so wrong! Do that on your own time, dude! And with your own vehicle!

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