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Minimalism part 3

June 10, 2016

This weekend I am continuing my “ridding myself of stuff” procedures.

Next on the chopping block, well, literally, blocks. I will be saying good bye to my Lego. Juicebox, although too young to play with Lego because he might put it in his mouth and choke on it, is going to get the Lego. If he’s anything like his dad, Juice, he will be putting Lego in his mouth well into his teenage years. But seeing as how Juice is still around, he clearly never choked to death on Lego.

After that, I start cleaning up my closet. Time to go through my clothes. See what fits, what doesn’t. Clothing is the one thing I do give to charity groups regardless of my stance on 21st century charity organizations. I know I have too many clothes, especially for a person who really isn’t all that fashionable and hip.

I know that in my closet, buried in there, is my college diploma. I’ve never displayed it. Never hung it on a wall. Really only removed it from it’s envelope to confirm the contents of the envelope and then to check the spelling of my oft-misspelled name.

There is also a bankers box containing personal documents and stuff of that nature. Credit card bills, pay stubs, stuff like that. What’s the rule? Older than seven years can be destroyed. I guess those pay stubs from 1999 can go the way of the dodo.

Seventeen year old pay stubs. That’s why I think I’m a borderline hoarder. Who the heck keeps seventeen year old pay stubs? Who keeps seventeen year old anythings? Parents look at their seventeen year old children, shake their head and say “Shouldn’t you be moving out soon?” But noooo, I have seventeen year old pay stubs in a box somewhere. Those gotta go!

Yesterday, I swung by Bob’s place and dropped off some stuff. Some stuff I asked him if he wanted and he said yes. And other stuff, just random toys  I think he might find a use for. Bob’s got a kid now. Again, give toys to children. This way the toy gets a chance to fulfill it’s destiny of being played with by smiling, happy children. Okay, chances are, Bob’s kid has waa-aay too many toys already. Well, here’s a handful more. Bob’s other friends have children. There’s probably all sorts of play-dates and other such opportunities for those kids to get together and play. And if it’s anything like the last time I went to Bob’s house, the adults will be playing with the children’s toys well after the children were put to bed.

If I have the time this weekend, I’m also going to try taking apart my old laptop. I dropped three grand on that thing. It served me well, it was a very nice machine for it’s time. I’m thinking I can salvage the hard drive. There may be some data on that drive that may be of use. I had that laptop when I was in college and if I remember correctly, I wrote a neat little mp3 player in college. Speaking of things having too much stuff. What’s the deal with mp3 player software these days? If I want to listen to an mp3 on my computer, the programs that play the files that way too long to load. They’re just so bogged down with other stuff and functionalities that the actual mp3 playing has become an after thought. That’s why I wrote that application. It was just a super light mp3 player. I don’t remember why I never transferred that to my desktop computer. Well, if I can get if off that old laptop hard drive, I’ll figure out why I never copied it.

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  1. June 10, 2016 2:54 pm

    You wrote an mp3 player? I’m impressed.

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