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Four Points

July 11, 2016


I went to Krispy Kreme on Sunday. I bought two dozen original glazed and one cherry pie doughnut. I ate the cherry pie doughnut in the store and took the two dozen glazed to-go. It’s been more than twenty four hours and the first dozen are gone. The second are waiting in the freezer. Of that first dozen, I did not eat all twelve. I’m not sure how many I ate of those twelve but it was definitely no more than five. I shared. I’m very proud of myself.

What The!!!!

On Saturday, I was at somebody’s house for a birthday of a seventy-five year old woman. I parked across the street from the house so I could leave as I pleased without having to wait for others to move their cars. Turns out, the people across the street were having a seventieth birthday party for somebody (maybe I have to stop hanging around senior citizens so much) and my car was blocked by two cars double-parked around me. I left the person’s home to see the street had become a parking lot.

Food Invention

I don’t want to claim that I’ve invented a new food, or even innovated food. What I did has probably been done before, but it certainly hasn’t been spread around the world as much as it should. This food needs to be known worldwide because it’s awesome. I had served to me a dish best described as chicken shawarma poutine. That’s french fries and chicken shawarma smothered in tahina and garlic sauce. It was quite good. Also served to me was a fresh pita bread. (Side note: is there anything better in this world than fresh bread?) I took the fries and shawarma, dripping in goo created from stirring around the two sauces and stuffed them into the pita. Then I gobbled it all up. I ate that thing knowing full well I’ve got Krispy Kremes waiting for me. Most of the items in this dish are easily sourced. The trickiest thing to find is the fresh pita. Generally, anyplace serving fresh pita will serve chicken shawarma and have a ready supply of tahina and garlic sauce. And I’ve never seen a shawarma place that doesn’t serve french fries. So, if they won’t make it for you, just order the components and build it yourself. Where I was, Paramount Fine Foods, they’ve got the shawarma poutine on the menu. It’s called the yalla special. Order that. That’s it. The fresh pita bread is served to every table. Take ’em both. Open the pita bread, when fresh it’s pocket is easily accessible but full of steam so watch out. Use a spoon or fork and just start shoveling the fries into the pita. Now shut up and eat!


I went to my favourite local burrito place for lunch and found it closed. Boo! Now I need to find a new lunch spot close to work. Those burritos were perfect. Reasonably inexpensive, reasonably quick, always good.  I would get a chicken or pork burrito with no cheese and no sauce but it was still moist, never dry. It was the healthiest option around with sacrificing flavour. I lost fifty pounds without removing those burritos from my diet. Now what am I gonna eat? Oh wait. I’ve got a dozen Krispy Kremes at home.

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  1. July 17, 2016 8:49 pm

    Your Food Invention gets two thumbs up from me. Yum!

  2. August 3, 2016 11:25 pm

    Glazed doughnuts are my favorite. Cherry’s good, heck, most are good, but nothing tops the beauty of the simplicity of the simple glazed doughnut.

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