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Weekend Recap

July 18, 2016

I was hanging out with this guy, a little bit older than me, who happened to be flipping through something on his smartphone when he remarked aloud “Three cops shot in Baton Rouge, yeah!”

“Dude, not a ‘yeah’ moment.”

Slightly humbled “Oh, right.”

Okay, this guy is a bit of an odd duck and is generally accepting of anarchy but it’s really easy for him to be that way. He’s thirty something and still living rent-free in his parents’ house. I’m sure the shooter in this tragedy had some perceived grievance against authority and some sort of severe mental and emotional issues. This guy I’m hanging out with, hasn’t quite grasped the difference between being a teenager and trying to be cool, and being an adult. People dying in the street is not a “yeah” moment.

I haven’t spoken to Bob in a week or so but I sent him the a text message on Sunday. This was the text conversation:

WIGSF: What was the name of that restaurant we went to in the city? This was several years ago. Probably Janet’s birfday. I sat in such a way to deliberately separate you and Bobette.

Bob: Remember the night and the burger but I am unsure of the name. Did it have “nature” in the name? Cafe?

WIGSF: Was wondering if it was Utopia?

Bob: Utopia cafe is the place I was thinking of

WIGSF: Thank you very much

I often wonder what’s going through Bob’s mind when he receives a random, out-of-the-blue text message like that from me. The following is my idea of Bob’s inner thoughts as that text message comes in:

Baseball, do-dododo-do, wife, do-dododo-do, family, do-dododo-do. Oh, phone beeped. Hmm. Wiggie asking about some restaurant downtown. Oh yeah. That was a good burger. I could sure go for a burger right about now. Wiggie, get the burger and tell me about the burger. I will it to be so.

I’m sure later today Bob will email me something about how I got the order of baseball, wife and family wrong in his train of thought.

I dislike going into the city with the frequency that I have done this year. It’s become too much of a headache. The whole process of getting there, being there and having to get away from there is too stressful on me. The transportation system in Toronto is stressful. There are too many people and not enough comfortable methods to move them all around. Then the actual being there has to be worth the stress of getting there. It ain’t. It was different when I was a teenager. Maybe the city has changed. Maybe I’ve changed. Maybe both. Regardless. Toronto is a place that’s not for me. I can only take it in small doses. This year, for various reasons, I’ve been downtown far too frequently. I need to give myself and Toronto some space. I clearly don’t like it and it sure enough don’t like me.

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  1. July 18, 2016 11:59 pm

    See, I think your friendship with Bob is such that it’s like you’re having a conversation your entire lives, and if a pause lasts for a few weeks or months, that’s just a pause and you keep right on going. You guys have been friends your whole lives, and I think it’s awesome to have conversations like that. It really is enviable.

    Hi Bob, if you’re reading this! *waves*

    I can so relate with the going into the city thing. *shudder* What a nightmare! You have my sympathies.

    • July 21, 2016 10:04 am

      A part of me just likes to challenge Bob with random questions about nonsense. I think he enjoys the challenge.

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