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Pokemon Go jump in a lake

August 3, 2016

I’m not accusing the makers of Pokemon Go of doing any of this, but they could do this if they want to or simply by accident. What happens if a Pokemon Go thingee appears in a subway tunnel or on the median of a busy freeway or at the bottom of a lake? Obviously, most players won’t chase it down and “poke” it or whatever a player does when they find a Pokemon. But it’s clear that some players of this game aren’t that bright and are walking into inanimate objects and hurting themselves and getting into moronic trouble.

I guess this game could be a cleverly marketed stupidity test. Will you walk down a dimly lit subway tunnel looking for a Pokemon? If you do,  you stupid. If you put your phone away, you pass the test.

What would happen if this game got into the hands of evil doers? What would happen if a similar game (Pokemon Go isn’t the first of it’s kind you know, just the most popular) was manipulated by an evil doer to make people jump off bridges and cliffs and tall buildings and such? It’s not the game’s fault. The user was given a warning similar to that on a GPS sat nav. If the user walks into an active volcano, it’s the user’s own fault.

What if something less genocidal was to happen? What if corporations sponsored the game covertly? What if a fast food restaurant chain paid Pokemon Go to populate the thingees in their restaurants? Players would go into the restaurant looking for something, notice the great deal on french fries and buy some.

I wonder what will happen on election day. Is Pokemon Go going to have people chase Pokemons into voting stations to increase voter turnout? We all know there are plenty of adults playing this game too. Pokemon Go can introduce two special election day Pokemons: Clintary and Trumpo. Players would find themselves at the voting stations, “poke” the Pokemons then vote.

Dammit! I’m very proud of that idea. I can’t believe I’m wasting it on a blog that only four people will ever read. I think that is one of my greatest ideas ever.

Or maybe Pokemon Go has already thought of this and slipped a third party candidate on the ballot who is just a puppet of the Poke-regime.

Wait a second… Didn’t South Park do this already?

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are too smart to be writing cartoons.

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  1. August 7, 2016 7:32 pm

    This is an excellent premise for a sci-fi novel. Just keep writing – you could have a bestseller on your hands here.

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