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September 26, 2016

The first big debate between the two leading American Presidential candidates is tonight. Here are my thoughts today.

Hilary Clinton is an unlikable person. I’ve never liked her. She’s got bitchface. That thing millenials have called RBF or resting bitch face. Hilary has it. It’s difficult to like anybody who has that. I’ve always disliked people with bitchface. When she smiles, I don’t believe her. Hilary has a phony smile.

However, what Hilary has going for her is policy. She’s got a pedigree of being in and around political power since the 1970s. People who have liked her stance on the issues still exist and can still agree with her.

Donald Trump is batshit crazy. Or at the very least, seems batshit crazy when compared to every other politician. His personality is erratic. He lies. His policy ideas are messed up. They don’t seem to make any sense.

What helps the Donald more than anything else is the fact he is a breath of fresh air. Okay, a breath of different air. It’s not fresh, but it’s different.

Has there ever been such a dislikable pair running for President?

If I had a vote, right now, I’d be voting Trump. The anarchist in me wants to see America press that big reset button on the government and start things new. Just because the Constitution was a very important and significant document two hundred years ago does not mean it’s relevant today. The amendment system is too slow. I say a new constitution should be written. Not that Trump has been saying “Hey, let’s write a new constitution.” More so that I think the rest of government might have to do something faster than writing a bunch of amendments that wouldn’t take effect until after Trump’s potential term in office. The existing government system dislikes the concept of a Donald Trump. The government would reject Donald Trump like a bad organ transplant. A system restart might be the only way to rid itself of the infected organ. A restarting or rebooting might be just what the system needs right now. Clinton is not a catalyst for reboot, she’s more of the same. I don’t like the status quo for America. I want the federal government to be different from what it is today. A bad organ transplant would be painful at the beginning but beneficial in the long run because it might sturdy up the rest of the body and learn how to exist without the organ at all.

If two unlikable people are the only viable options for President, then either the position is less relevant than we think, or it’s an undesirable position for anybody truly qualified for it.

Aren’t we glad I’m not a politician nor an internal medicine doctor. “Hey, your liver is weak so I’m going to give you a kidney transplant with deliberately bad kidneys to force your liver to work harder.”

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  1. September 27, 2016 3:55 pm

    I hate them both, but I hate Hillary more than I hate Trump. So, I face this election with a disgusted, resigned sigh.

    I disagree with you about our Constitution, though. I think it’s still relevant in many ways, not least of which because it sets a standard. Without a standard, anything goes, and that’s never a good thing.

    Interesting analogy with the organ transplant! I kind of like it!

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