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Blatantly Moronic Statement

December 5, 2016

Five years ago I penned a post in this blog about why living in Canada sucks balls. It can be read here: here, eh

Somebody recently commented on that post. Something about how my post was a “blatantly moronic statement.”

It’s been a while since a random comment on my blog inspired a new post.

Thanks Yonk.

Loyal reader of, “blatantly moronic statement” really sums up this website, don’t it?

If only Yonk could read that now-deleted post about ugly boobs with the stick-person drawings of ugly boobs. Moronic statements with pictures.

I like to think I put effort into this level of moronicity. Yonk, if you’re actually reading this. I’m not being sarcastic. I truly believe I am a moron, a glorious moron. That’s a 3 on the moronicity scale.

The Official wigsf3 Moronicity Scale

1 – The Oblivious Moron – They’re morons, don’t realize they’re morons and go on through life never knowing they’re morons. Most likely to die by blindly following a GPS sat-nav into a lake or off a cliff.

2 – The Trying Moron – God bless ’em, they just can’t help themselves. They morons. They mean well, but all the book learnin’ and edumacation won’t fix them. They know they’re morons and try not to be but to no avail. Most likely die from a poorly-treated infection caused by a cut on their hand they received while trying to put a nail in a wall from which to hang their diploma proving a university education.

3 – The Glorious Moron – They know they’re morons but instead of trying to swim against the tide, they go with it and try to make the most of it. Most likely to die after going blind watching a Looney Tunes marathon then eating a poisoned sandwich because they couldn’t read the labels, you know, from being blind and all and they dressed their sandwich with toxic chemicals instead of condiments.

4 – The Super Moron – These people have figured out how to live life as morons and succeed at being morons with so much grace and skill that nobody has ever clued into the fact that they’re morons. They’re invincible. They cannot be killed.

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  1. December 5, 2016 11:10 pm

    Ooh, goals! I can try for #4! Maybe some day I’ll get close!

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