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It’s His Eyes, Not His Hair

January 19, 2017

I haven’t used this venue to rant too much about the Prime Minister. It’s not that I haven’t been ranting about him, it’s just that I’ve been spending so much time in the car yelling at him, alone, to myself, that I’m all ranted out by the time I get to my desktop.

In the past week or so, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been going around the nation, making appearances at town halls and public meeting spaces to take questions from real people, not just the Ottawa press gallery. All of this is an attempt to show how well he connects with the average person.

I get it, the media, no matter how much they might lean in favour of him during a campaign, still want to attract eyeballs to the articles, and advertisements. If that means putting up a headline that makes the Prime Minister look less than favourable, the media will do just that. The reporting on this tour of public meetings has been a lot of pointing out the Prime Minister’s flaws as a leader of a nation.

Last week, the Prime Minister was asked a long-winded question about his government’s future implementation of a carbon tax. I heard the long-winded question once and knew that the question being posed was thus “How do you justify implementing a carbon tax (that will raise electricity prices) when electricity prices are already over-inflated?” The Prime Minister’s answer was not as long-winded but showed deliberate signs of obfuscation and “passing the buck” onto somebody else. I will paraphrase the Prime Minister: “Don’t blame me, the carbon tax hasn’t taken effect yet and electricity rates are a provincial (Ontario) matter, not a federal one.”

Prime Minister Trudeau, all Ontarians are Canadians, so what matters to them, should matter to you. And once the federal government starts taxing provincial services, those services become relevant to the federal government. Think about it this way, a federal law that effects the whole nation may affect each province differently. That needs to be considered before enacting a law. The question being asked was being asked at the right time; before the law takes full effect. Thus giving the lawmakers the opportunity to see the err in judgement that was made in Parliament.

The Prime Minister is very aware of Canada’s bilingual nature. Most of the nation speaks English, a significant minority speaks French only. Prime Minister Trudeau is fluent in both languages. At a recent appearance, the Prime Minister spoke only in French, even when asked questions in English. At an earlier appearance, the Prime Minister spoke entirely in English, even when asked a question in French. Yet again, the Prime Minister found a way to put his foot in his mouth and prove to the country, he doesn’t get it. In the French-only appearance, Prime Minister Trudeau was asked, in English, a question about receiving English language services (and the lack there of) in Quebec, he answered in French.

When asked a question about the lack of English language services being provided by the government, don’t answer the question in French.

I’m convinced that no matter how much the Prime Minister reinforces the notion that he’s an inept leader, it will not effect the next election and it will not effect his ability to pass laws in Parliament. Prime Minister Trudeau’s greatest asset is his appearance and his party’s ability to run a successful campaign. It’s often been said he has great hair, I disagree. It think it’s his eyes. He has those “I’m so sensitive, I’m listening to you” eyes. He’s got Ray Liotta eyes. I understand that voting for a guy because he’s pretty is stupid but stupidity is not a disqualification for voting rights. To drive a car legally, at least in this province, you have to pass three tests. To vote, provided you were born in this country, all you have to do is not die in your first eighteen years. For crying out loud, some convicts have voting rights in this country.

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  1. February 17, 2017 12:50 am

    I’ve seen pictures of a young Fidel Castro and it was amazing how much he looked like your Justin Trudeau! Everyone has a twin, I guess.

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